Review: Can't Buy Me Love


The Beatles, Britain, and America

Jonathan Gould.

Essential reading. Very insightful. One of the very best books on The Beatles, their music, and their times.

Gould—an accomplished musician himself—really gets inside the structure of the songs he writes about. And as I've found happens with Ian Macdonald's marvelous A Revolution In The Head, Gould helps unclog your ears and, for a few wondrous moments, allows you to hear The Beatles again, as if for the first time. Not an easy task—but just one of the book's many unexpected delights.

Gould also manages to give a very nuanced appreciation of the group’s influence and affect on post-war society in both the UK and US. (Having spent a goodly part of my life in each country I can attest to the clarity and accuracy of many of his observations).

Scrupulous in its research. Elegant in its writing. Witty and wise in equal measure. Most enjoyable. It richly rewards repeated readings.

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