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"I was alone. I took a ride. I didn't know what I would find there…"

There are hundreds of websites on the world-wide-web dedicated to all aspects of The Beatles—their music and their times. ('Pepperland' as some people call it.) What it says to me is there's a deep-seated fascination—a hunger even—to know more—and to draw more and more meaning and understanding from the unique phenomenon that was—and still is—The Beatles. I stand in awe at the dedication and endeavour shown by so many people—all around the world. And whether it's been by recommendation or by me simply having stumbled across someone's website—it invariably proves to be a veritable magical mystery tour. Thanks to one and all.

    Love - Love - Love - all of your great work.

    These are some of my favourite ports of call: 




So simple. Yet so right. Such perfection from www.beatlesource. Original photographs and pithy captions. Always an education. Always such unmitigated fun. Hat's off to the person(s) behind the curtain. And should we ever meet in 'Beatlesland'—there will be beer(s). Sublime.



Beatle Links 


A website justly positioned as: The Beatles Internet Resource Guide. The site doesn't sell or promote any products or services directly–but functions as an aggregator of Beatles related sites—and as such is priceless. 



The Beatles Bible


One of the great Beatles fan orchestrated sites—comprehensive—always compelling—clearly a labour of love. Always a joy to find myself here. Like visiting an old friend. 



The Beatles Website


A very talented group of Beatles' fans created this comprehensive web portal to all things 'Beatles'—many of them noted 'Beatles' celebrities in their own right—David 'Liddypool' Bedford and Jude 'Lennon' Southerland Kessler among them. Fab.



Mersey Beat


The one and only Bill Harry—founder and editor of MERSEY BEATMerseyside's Own Entertainments Paper—rocks the People—The Places—The Times —The Tides as only he can. His eye—and memory—for the telling detail will have you always coming back for more. Indispensible.



Bill Harry's MERSEY BEAT Blog 


A new 'blog' website (2015) from the indefatigable Bill Harry—still able to surprise—sometimes even shock—with his new takes on old times. Much warmer—when not wearing his Official 'Beatles' Historian' hat—and all the more revealing for that. This is already a must-read. Keep rockin' Mr Harry—no one does it better.



The Beatles Connection


A great Beatles blog site—very worldly and comprehensive in its approach. Proves again that there's never a language barrier when it comes to loving The Fabs. 



DM's Beatles Site


This knockout website from one—Dmitry Murashev. A singular labour of Beatles love—that's engagingly comprehensive—and has been years in the making.  Another great thing about the site is that it's also a portal into the 'Top 100 Beatles Websites Worldwide'. Nice one, Dmitry.



Top 100 Beatles Websites Worldwide


A portal into the Top 100 Beatles Websites Worldwide (The actual number running around 180+ at Q4 2015) Oh, for more Beatles hours in the day. Thanks again, Dmitry.



The Gilly 


Not so much a functioning website—more a legacy—thousands upon thousands of curated images from all moments in Beatles' life, love, and lore. A website very close to my heart—a twin to Savage Young Beatles in many respects. Now no longer active—but still there to be enjoyed. Thanks Gilly—whoever you are or were. Another promise: "There will be beer."



Sam Leach


The Original Promoter of The Beatles presents…and long may he continue to do so. The great man himself. Still rock ‘n’ roll mad. Still very, very funny. Still a tad untidy. Still 'the original'. More than deserves ‘top billing’ as: Writer. Lecturer. Historian. Promoter. He's a 'Living Liverpool Treasure'—and should you drop by his website be sure and say 'hello'.

   Also: If perchance you're already a fan of Sam Leach and would like to sign a petition to have him be recognised more for all he did in the early days for The Beatles and for the entire Merseybeat scene - you can send out an S.O.S. (Just click below to go to the Petition.)




Lillabullero – Dave Quayle

'Tintabulation in a humanist key…from a Kinks fan'


Slightly off The Beatles track—but a regular read for me—and not just because Dave Quayle is an old grammar school mate—his take on pop culture—music, poetry, books, television, film—is and always was singular. Ever perspicacious. Still resounds today. Has a special love for Ray Davies and The Kinks—entirely understandable—as it's a love I also share. Over the years Dave's reviewed a number of my books—The One After 9:09 no exception to his gimlet gaze…

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